Pour It Down

by Mitch L. Hennessy

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"Ask yourself, when's the last time you've heard one of those feel good summertime records Hip Hop was known for crankin' out every time the weather decided to turn it up on the humid side of things? Well on "Pour It Down", Mitch takes a refreshing R&B grooved out track by Germany's Dichter2Productions and decides to go back in time and use the simple moments of his childhood as the backdrop to create what he confidently calls, "the cookout anthem of the year". Going back to a time where the little meant so much, he urges the listener to focus more on the happiness in our lives than we do our anguish. Definitely a record you haven't heard in a while and a much needed one to boot.


Verse I: Let's go outside and get a hot game skellzies goin'/Relive your childhood, when times were wild good/Back when all you did was smile at the possibility, of linkin' up wit' your squad in the park/Everybody put your foot in, we gon' start a round of freeze tag/Steal the bacon, hot peas and butter, word to mother/I sit and chill, blow an el then reminisce/Rememberin' when we were youngins and innocent/Can it really be that life was all so simple then?/Growin' up poor in them projects and tenements/When music could change your mood wit' jus' the right song/And we barely had enough to keep the lights on/Had less than a little, but the fun was in abundance/Easy to find comfort in your circumference, the johnny pump is/On full blast, moments in time that was pure/A shame we couldn't get'em to last..

Hook: Tonight we're goin' back like the DeLorean, so get your bottles ready [We gon' pour it down..]//You gotta smile despite the everyday mess, don't let the bullshit get you ruffled baby [We gon' pour it down..]//Capture the moments where the vibe was so good, even though you may be livin' in the hood [We gon' pour it down..]//Think on the better days, tonite is ours let's forget the fact that life's been hard [We gon' pour it down..]

Verse II: Before people was on that ratchet shit, we was playin' catch-n-kiss/Or maybe catch and hump, checkin' her out in her clothes/She's kinda grown, we try to turn it some catch and fuck/She turns you down but lets you grab her boobs so that's what's up/See in the PJs, so many hallways/A game of manhunt, will last you all day/It got live on the 4th of July, if you were lucky/You had some fireworks, had to run to store/And get the lighter first, every sound was an explosion of thought/Celebration of a life so hard, fightin' thru life like Iron Mike Tyson/You keep your ears to street and your sights on God/The only way to maintain thru all the live shit/It made us who we are, and we survived it/Now I'm standin' here stuck in my zone, wit' no reason but keep it truckin' along/Pour down a bottle wit' me..

Repeat Hook:

© Devoted S.O.U.L Publishing 2015


released July 12, 2016
produced by Dichter2Productions (Germany)



all rights reserved


Devoted S.O.U.L Entertainment Randallstown, Maryland

Hailing from The Bronx, NY (now residing in MD); Mitch L. Hennessy has been writing rhymes since the age of 7. Having built a name for himself, he is now a member of the Hip Hop collective/label, Global Warning Inc. He released his first project through the imprint, his single, Love (4 It All) on July 14th. He has followed that up with his latest, The Defecation [released on Aug. 21st].. ... more

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